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Finalized the online course “Data Mining with Weka”







Tonight I finalized the online course “Data Mining with Weka” ( provided by authers of the book “Data Mining: Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques, 3rd Edition” and the tool Weka. This was my first online course and it was really easy to follow the videos introducing each concept at a steady pace and how to use the Weka tool. Each week a new Class was put online and each class had 6 lessions with some questions to answer to verify the understanding of the concept of the lesson. In addition there was a mid-term and post-course assessment that you could take as well.

Classification Pipeline by Ariel Kleiner (

Classification Pipeline by Ariel Kleiner






The Classification Pipeline is a good image summarizing what machine learning using classification is all about. If you don’t want to take the course or read the Data Mining book I can recommend to watch Thomas Oldervoll’s talk about “Machine Learning for Java Developers” at JavaZone this year (

I will post my results from mining software repositories using the repositories I have access to and to combine that with research by others. Stay tuned (hopefully if I get some results to talk about :)).

Why SonarSource favors SonarQube Java rules over Checkstyle and PMD

Since I have started to dig into the world of SonarQube a little bit deeper than before I have noticed the SonarQube Java rules engine. I recently found this blog post by SonarSource where they explains why they favor their own engine over Checkstyle and PMD. The reasons they provide sounds fair even though my initial thought was that you commit yourself to the SonarQube platform. But, does it matter? We do like it and there are more things that can be developed and shared with each other as a community.