Monthly Archives: September 2014

Mondrian in Action – a great introduction to data warehouse modeling (and Mondrian of course)

I am a newbie to data warehouse modeling and business intelligence, but thanks to the book “Mondrian in Action” (ISBN 978-1-61729-098-5) I now have a thorough understanding of the concept and what to think. I am far from an expert of course, but I am now on my way to create business intelligence model to analyze the domain of software development. Using the Pentaho platform which includes Mondrian makes it possible to create a model that enables to visualize the history and to make conclusions of the evolution of the software in order to make better software in the future.

The authors also recommends “The Data Warehouse Toolkit: The Definitive Guide to Dimensional Modeling, 3rd Edition” if you want to dig into the word of data warehouse modeling. It contains more in-depth knowledge once you get started with dw-modeling, but “Mondrian in Action” gave me a better introduction to the subject.

In coming posts I will add my findings around data warehouse modeling for software repository mining.

Testing regular expressions

I used to use RegeBuddy which is a really good tool to develop and test regular expressions and I really miss it. But, since I am using an OS that is not supported by RegexBuddy I can’t use it any more. I have tried different online service and this week I found the online service at which is not as good as RegexBuddy, but still decent. It gives you the ability to try for different languages and the specific features for each of them and to do match and replace testing. It does not have the colored syntax matching which I really liked with RegexBuddy.